Installing G729 Codec


Those codecs are likely to be illegal. There are no free G.729 codecs that can be legally used in the USA or countries that respect US software patents. The main supposedly free codec has an invalid licence: it uses code with a no-commercial use restriction, but purports to be under the GPL, which is incompatible with such restrictions.

Digium supply legal, commercially supported, G.729 codecs for a moderate licence fee.

It’s a little harder now that the original post was completely removed, but im not sure how this would impact installing the codec on asterisk. Especially considering it installed fine on another box, and the two that is does not work on seem to also be missing translations for other free codecs that are actually shipped with asterisk.


read WHY it was removed [quote]Reason: linked to content in violation of Asterisk’s GPL and that leads towards contributory infringement[/quote]

and then read … 57110.html

and finally read this from intel … tware-faq/

Then go to … =G729CODEC
and buy the license.


I understand why it was removed and in all honesty wasn’t aware until you told me. I was also mislead as that link i posted was hosted with a nice little asterisk favicon, so I assumed it was legit.

I will request the funding to buy g729 and in the meantime post a new thread trying to figure out why i do not have all the same translations for shipped codecs on all my boxes. We have been put into a corner by our provider all of a sudden and would like to continue with g711 as that is what our software supports and we dont want to have to have asterisk do any encoding for us.