Open G.729 Codec Source Code

Has anyone had success compiling a G.729 codec from Voiceage (click here)? They provide a detailed licensing agreement, which must be accepted before you can download it.

My ATA already encodes \ decodes G.729, but it would be ‘nice to have’ and be a good learning experience.

In the case of Asterisk, the result would be non-distributable. Clause 2.2 says you cannot document the interfaces, but the interface would have to be the standard Asterisk one, or a GPLed alternative. It also imposes restrictions on the EULA that would be incompatible with the GPL.

My impression is that the intent of the release of the code is to allow it to be evaluated and products to be prototyped, not to allow its use in a production environment. It may also about improving the credibility of the algorithm, by making sure that fast, bug free, code is used, so as to maximise the patent royalty revenue stream.

The g.729 Codec License’s price in the Digium’s Store is very low, why not to spend 10 USD and test it? I think is the best way for ‘learning experience’ because is 100% tested with Asterisk.

I would prefer to be able to spend $10 and not have to compile it, however, (correct me if I’m wrong) they do not have a version that will run on my ASUS RT-N16 and I would need to compile it myself.

I am not using this in a production envrionment and just testing at home.

Correct, we do not provide a binary that I believe to be compatible with that router.

My reading of that license agreement (I may have missed something, if I did, please correct me) doesn’t seem to find any patent licensing that goes along with it. Thus, what you’re getting (licensing) is VoiceAge’s implementation of the codec, separate from a license to actually use it.

So, even using it in your home, you’d be doing so without all of your legal ducks in a row.


@malcom: Thanks for the confirmation.

It is my intent to determine the feasible options that are available to my Asterisk server is running on a niche LINUX distro. As of today, I would need to compile it myself, which means I would need code. I was hoping that someone would either confirm, using some line of reasoning, that this source does(not) \ could(not) work with Asterisk or suggest an alternative.

It is not my intent to steer any potential business away from Digium and nor is it my intent to discuss the licensing \ legal aspect. Testing it on my router as a hobby should be taken as that I have no intention of redistribution: as in my previous posting, I do not mind paying the minor licensing fees (i.e. following the rules).