g729 in asterisk 1.6


I want to use g729 in asterisk 1.6, is that possible? How to do that? I had use an open source implementation for asterisk 1.4.

thanks in advance

Simple BUY the licence from Digium

Ok, isn’t available an opensource module??


I want to use g729 [/quote]

Do you have extensions supporting g729?

My voip provider told me that i must use g729, if i use another codec I’ll have problems with dmtf detection. I have to use g729, if I can’t I will have to use asterisk 1.4 instead of 1.6 because i have the module for 1.4

Depending on where you live, using G.729 with Asterisk without paying for the patent licence may be illegal as a breach of the patent or a breach of the copyright licence on Asterisk.

The only “open source” G.729 I’m aware of has an invalid licence. It’s invalid because the licence doesn’t permit additional restrictions, but it tries to impose a strong no commercial use one. That restriction also means it is not open source by the Debian and Open Source Initiative’s definitions of open source. The restriction also means you cannot use it for your business communications. There is another conflict with the licence used, in that it doesn’t allow distribution in a context where patent royalties are payable. FInally it seems to use code with an incompatible lcence.

Digium only get permission for G.729 to be used with Asterisk on the basis that patent royalties will be paid. Using unauthorised G.729 implementations puts Asterisk at significant risk.

Are you realy saying that you are happy to use software with a risk of prosecution. than pay $10 a channel for legal licences that in part help the development of Asterisk then go ahead and revert back to you previous solution?

Ok, I didn’t know about the costs, I’ll buy it