New to Asterisk - Looking for FXO advice?

I’m relatively new to asterisk (i’ve used it before but not set up from scratch) and i’m looking to set up a little box mainly to experiment with for home use.

Anyone on here have any experience with using the Linksys SPA-3102 (preferably in the UK, as I’d rather like caller id to work!) or a similar external FXO device ?

Should be able to dedicate a little linux box to this, but it may end up on a mac mini… I need the FXO as I basically will have 3 trunks - my landline and two VoIP services… calls will be routed differently dependant on the incoming number.

Also, outgoing calls would be routed over different outgoing trunks depending on the destination (it’d also be nice to show the status of lines on the phones, but from memory support for this in Asterisk was a little limited in the past, and select the outgoing line from the phone in some way)

Start of an interesting journey I imagine :smile: