Linksys spa3102 fxo and fxs

hello guys,
so i am trying to configure my spa3102 which has one fxs and one fxo ports.

for the fxs port i am trying to make it with registration which i gave it a regular user and as for the fxo port i am trying to connect it to my asterisk without registration:

so here is how my pjsip.conf looks for the fxo port



anyway what is really happening is that when i add the part above to my pjsip.conf then the fxs user could never register again and when i delete it then it registers directly! still could not tell why but maybe because i am matching through ip and port directly to fxo which then is not allowing the fxs which is on same ip and port to register!

i can not tell what is the issue!

Because you are matching the FXO endpoint by IP. IP matches have priority over username matches unless you change the order.

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how to change the order?

(This file should have been consulted before going to the forum.)

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yes thanks i already did that before asking but it turns out it would not really change unless i restart the asterisk.

thanks anyway

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