Remotely checking voicemail

Hey all,
Is there an easy way to remotely check voicemail from outside the LAN? I know I can set up a DISA and then dial *98 and everything, but that’s a long process. Anything easier?


If you’re referring to calling your number from a remote pstn line, I can think of of a couple things but will only save a few seconds and a few key strokes. If you have a cell phone or something that you’d be using every time, you can setup a rule for calls incoming with your caller ID to route directly to VM and can check that way. If that’s something you want to do I could post an example how to do it.

Could you give some examples of the first thing you listed? I’m not sure it will be the same number calling every time, and I’ve got basic Verizon service anyway, so I don’t even have caller ID. :blush:


I think this is what you are looking for :

Also. during the prompt if the caller presses:
’*’ - the call jumps to extension ‘a’ in the current voicemail context.
’#’ - the greeting and/or instructions are stopped and recording starts immediately. … +VoiceMail

Using the *, you can do whatever you want. When eearing the voicemail message (prompt) you enter *. Then Asterisk jump to the “a” extension.