Remote voicemail

Has anyone created a mechanism for accerssing voicemail remotely? I’d rather not reinvent the wheel, so I would greatly appreciate a dial plan snip.


you mean over a phone line?

how about this:

exten => 8000,1,Voicemailmain

put this in your main incoming IVR. when someone dials into your main number, they hit 8000. they will be prompted for username/password.

if you’re wanting to access it via a webpage or whatever, i’d look at ARI (Asterisk Recording Interface) - i believe it has a voicemail section and is quite streamlined.

Yep, that is what I meant. Big “Duh!” from me. Thanks.

If you have a direct line in (direct-in-dial)

exten => [put the number here],1,Answer()
exten => [same number again],2,Wait(1)
exten => [and again],3,VoicemailMain()

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