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Im new to AsteriskNOW. Ive studied the Avaya Hardware PBX’s and Im able to get them to work no problem. However Im unable to transfer those skills to the Asterisk system.

First things to note is what im using
Im using VMWare to host a Virtual PBX using AsteriskNOW 2.0
The Server’s Ip Address is (LAN ip of course as im playing with this server in a Lan only environment)
XLite Softphone v3.0

What I can Do
I can Connect to the Web interface and set up the extentions
I can Ping

What I cant do
Set any sort of dialplan analysis table
Have the Xlite Softphone on the same network register itself
Diagnose or debug any soft of communications. I really have no idea how to narrow down where the communications breakdown is.

Having installed AsteriskNOW i Realized that it doesnt actually use asterisk, and it uses FreePBX. Many of the guides availiable is for the Asterisk pbx only. while the webadmin is working from other networked machines, I cannot actually access the pbx server on the PBX VMware Image. (Mind you i have no idea where it even is)

Im an amature when it comes to linux. Ive had some schooling in it, but not extensive. I dont know how to access the configuration of AsteriskNOW in the CentOS to type commands as ive seen people suggest to help with diagnostics in some other posts.

In command prompt ive been successful in pinging and since i can access the web interface, My assumption is that the ports required for use of the pbx is open as well. I would assume the firewall is disabled as i didnt enable it when I had first installed it. The AsteriskNOW VM image seems to be CLI only with no GUI and again being an amature Linux User, Im unable to check the status of the firewall, etc.

Could someone please help me acheive connectivity between the PBX and my networked softphone?

Please use the AsteriskNow forum , although note that FreePBX uses Asterisk.

Virtual machines are not advisable for production Asterisk systems.

Actually this WAS posted in AsteriskNOW forums. A Moderator must have moved it for some reason.

Im not entirely sure whats going on. It seems the Asterisk forums have been going up and down all weekend. Ive been having gateway errors, broken links etc from this forum for the last 2 days.

I dont plan to use this as a production machine. Im experimenting with it in a closed lab environment. Its just frustrating that i Cannot get this to connect.

Can anyone help me?

Fixed, Turned out the SIP Module was not enabled