Received Date incorrect in Visual Voicemail


We recently deployed and Asterisk 1.8.15-cert2 server with DPMA 1.6 and Digium D50 phones.

The phones are all running the latest firmware, 1_4_0_0_57389.

Everything works with the Visual Voicemail except the “Received Date” field that shows during playback.

It always shows a static date and time of “4/30/20 10:58am” for all voicemails.

When the phone is not in use the date/time that shows on the display is correct. Also the date/time on the Asterisk server is correct.

So it looks like the Visual Voicemail app is not able to read the received date of the voicemails so it falls back to the date/time above.

Does any one have suggestions to fix this? I noticed there is now a version 1.7 of the DPMA just released a month ago. However, the list of changes/fixes does not mention anything about the visual voicemail app.



The voicemail application has changed slightly in the 1.4 firmware version, and DPMA 1.7 includes the necessary changes such that the timestamp problem should be addressed.

Our apologies that wasn’t included in the UPGRADE notes.

Give it a shot and let me know if DPMA 1.7 addresses the issue for you.


I am seeing this issue with the 1_4_0_0_57389 firmware and version 1.8.11_1.4.0 of DPMA. It is not a huge issue, but if there is a fix for it I would appreciate the feedback.


Try a newer version of DPMA. You report version 1.4. Move up to 1.7


Still seeing this with version

That’s not a DPMA version. That’s a Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX version. Check your DPMA version.

Just want to confirm was seeing this issue using DPMA version 1.6.0 and phone firmware

Upgraded DPMA to 2.0 from … .0/x86-64/

Solved the issue for our D40/D70 phones. Thanks!

Yay :smile: