Unable to get a visual voicemail by using Digium phones

I just updated DPMA for the new version 1.2. on Asterisk 1.8.11-cert1 server. Right now I have some new features such as softkeys for send to VM, Parked Calls and so on, but I found issues with Voicemail (Msgs softkey) on all Digium phones - it stopped working. It worked well before I did this update.

So, if somebody leaves Voicemail message I can see indication on the Digium phone, but if I press Features button - Msgs on the phone I see nothing in INBOX (No messages in this folder). I cannot see any Voicemail folders from Digium phones - such as INBOX, Family etc - nothing. Yes, if I call Voicemail by using the extension I can hear voice message and I also able to receive voicemessage by email.

All Digium phones have 1_1_0_0_48178 firmware.
I use Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 1.8.11_1.2.0

I also checked folder on Asterisk server (/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/) that it uses to keep all voicemail messages and it shows that message exists, so I can play this file.

Should I set some new configuration settings in res_digium_phone.conf?


DPMA 1.2 needs >=1.8.11-cert5. You’re on -cert1?

Yes, thank you - I will update to cert7


If you run into trouble after getting up to something >= -cert5, give our Support department a ring - they don’t patrol these forums.


Thank you!
It works well with cert7

Yay :smile: