Realtime / ARA without the need for 'switch' statements?

When will it be possible to have asterisk read the complete dialplan truely realtime from the database? With the current realtime implentation for each context or macro still a ‘switch’ statement is needed in the extensions.conf file. For me this is the reason to use the ‘ast_data’ patches.

A well designed dialplan minimizes the impact of this point. Not sure when it will be improved or what the roadmap is.

u may use FUSE-based filessystem to regenerate main config from database o r yuo can patch the sources)

I am interested in FUSE. In this context exactly how would it be useful?

u can make filesistem and place .conf files of asterisk into it…
but u still need reload config… it is not good.
u can us, for example realtimefs(aplication) or relfs(database)

i am interest in SshFS )for config of running asterisk )

Why do you need a specialized filesystem to do this?

I must apologize, but I am not following. If the text files are on a standard filesystem or on a special filesystem what is the difference in terms of having to issue a reload command to obtain them?

Interesting link. Thanks. Unfortunatly not a single distributed file system in the whole lot.