Asterisk realtime architecture - static configuration


I have configured asterisk to take its dialplan and sippeers and sip users from a mysql backend in realtime - configured using extconfig using sippeers => mysql,asterisk,sip etc

I want to have it so that the sip configuation and dialplan is downloaded to the asterisk server, ie the information is stored locally, until a reload is done and any changes made in the mysql data will be refreshed to the asterisk box. I have been reading this article, but can find little else out there on this, which is any real use. … t_id=14096

Two things:

1.The article talks about a STATIC function, cannot find this in the source code at all, and have been through everything I know to look for it.

  1. the configuation in extconfig is sip.conf => mysql, asterisk, sip

[Jul 13 14:01:51] WARNING[5271]: res_config_mysql.c:412 config_mysql: MySQL RealTime: Failed to query database. Check debug for more info.
[Jul 13 14:01:51] NOTICE[5271]: chan_sip.c:16361 reload_config: Unable to load config sip.conf

this is the output I get, but do not know where to check debug for more info.

Does anyone have a working configuation of this “static realtime” configuation that can give me some advice?


Robert McNaught

The asterisk log files are usually in /var/log/asterisk. To change logging options you can modify logger.conf (usually located in /etc/asterisk). Just uncomment the “debug => debug” line and issue the command “logger reload” at the CLI. You should see a new file in the /var/log/asterisk directory called debug. Hopefully this helps.