Suggestions for Asterisk Realtime

Hi all,

as I’ve recently read, there are different topics left to do for realtime asterisk. In my oppinion, the main goal would be an authentication for asterisk against a radius or ldap server - but this way the development goes, I think.

What would be interssting in addition to this?

First thing is, that if we use realtime extensions, we need a switch statement for each context - so we need to define each context in the extensions.conf file. If we (as I do) use a ODBC backend for all (possible) asterisk stuff, we have to add each context to the config file if we add a new context in the odbc database - not that good…
So would it be better if we use the odbc database as the only source for our dialplan (or an single switch statement in the extensions.conf file to deligate the hole thing to database).
With this thing there come along the reqirement for an include (also timebase include) for the database - in what way could we handle this?

Second thing:
The “hint” priority (also known as -1 in the source) should be usable within a realtime storage . Is it possible to use this feature with realtime storage (if we have also sip realtime)?

If we can handle this “few” things in a sensible way, I could imagine new appliacations for the asterisk software.
Is it possible to fix the above two things?
How far is the development of alternate authentication source (ldap or radius) driven?

Thanks for your opinion or for updating my information! :wink:


For the realtime hint problem exists a workaround.