Using Database for all conf files

Hi Guys

Just wanting to know. Is there any way to load all the conf files into a database. For example, could I rather have a Features table in my database instead of a Features.conf file and let Asterisk load its settings from there???

Is this possible? Anybody done it before?? Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?

the wiki says no.

i expect in time it will be expanded out, but at the moment it wouldn’t appear that features.conf can be used via RealTime.

Hey Bacon

Thanks for the speedy reply. I quiet familier with the current realtime files that you can use. I was just wondering if there was a way to get the rest of them in the database. I am currently using sip, extension and the rest from a database. Just thought there might be a way to just get the rest of the flat files to be read from a database, would make my life alot easier…

Is there any reason why they have not made all the configuration possible from a database?? Can it be done?

i’ve no doubt it can be done, and i think if you were to ask the developers they have a plan for most of the conf files to be RealTime-enabled. you could post a message to the developers list and ask.

Thanks Bacon, think I might. You go URL where I can do it??

you’ll need to subscribe i think …

To store all configs in database use realtime static … ime+Static

[quote=“vinod.vijayan”]To store all configs in database use realtime static … ime+Static[/quote]

i take my hat off to you, a very good find ! and it works :smiley:

Thanks baconbuttie :smile:

the only problem is that a client of mine asked ages ago for me to write an ASP-based Asterisk config system on his Windows server as he likes to tinker with ASP too. i declined, but this makes it really easy. do i tell him ? haven’t i got enough to do already ??