Queues priority in order

I am trying to make one queue in asterisk 1.4.12 that always call first Agent/1, second Agent/2, third Agent/3. In the next round…the same:
Really I think I have tried everything. Roundrobin is deprecated (i don’t understand why), and with rrmemory rings:
member => Agent/1
member => Agent/2
member => Agent/3
If Agent/1 answer in the next round, it rings:
member => Agent/2
member => Agent/3
member => Agent/1

But i always want to ring 1,2,3…1,2,3…etc
I have tried with penalty’s:
member => Agent/1,1
member => Agent/2,2
member => Agent/3,3
but it does not works (always ring the first) and i don’t know how to do this.
Please i would appreciate your help.
Thank you

you must deactive call waiting on agent 1 and 2

Excuse me, i don’t understand. i don’t have call waiting activated in any hardphone.
I have read several times queues.conf archive and i don’t see nothing about call waiting.
Think my problem as there is an Agent/1 who is very good and I want all calls to go him in the first position, second Agent/2 is a little worse … And finally the Agent/10 who is a useless and I want he attend the minimum possible calls.
In the next cal,l the same. First attempt Agent/1 then the agent/2, etc. … even unfair to the Actor/1 that must to attend more calls.
I think that is quite common.

¿maybe playing with penalty’s?

PD Excuse my horrible english. :blush:

I will suggest use Skill based routing means each agent deal with some weight for rout calls
So plz serach on vpoip-info.org wher you get such examplefor skilll based routing member whose weight1 attend call first & so on but if that agent is busy then call moved on agent 2 Like wise.

try this may helkp you