Skill Based Routing

HI, has anyone tried skill based routing on your queue setup? Here’s the scenario, I have 5 agents.

**skills or specialties = priority 1 / priority 2

agent 1 = mac
agent 2 = linux
agent 3 = linux
agent 4 = mac / linux
agent 5 = linux / mac

When agent 1 is busy, next call should go to agent 4. But when both agent 1 and 4 is busy (both have priority skill for MAC), call should go to agent 5 (can accept calls for MAC) because it has priority 2 for MAC. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance, your ideas and inputs are valuable.

Asterisk doesn’t really have skills based routing yet, but you can do the same thing with multiple queues. Each queue being a skill. Below you will find my interpretation of your requirements. In your example, agent 4 and 5 are members of both queues, but have their penalties set appropriately.


; Put whatever other queue options you want here
member => Agent/agent2,1
member => Agent/agent3,1
member => Agent/agent4,3
member => Agent/agent5,2

; Put whatever other queue options you want here
member => Agent/agent1,1
member => Agent/agent4,2
member => Agent/agent5,3

PLz go & search on Voip-infor with same topic u get complete
sorry i cant provide u complete link.


Thanks davevg, i was actually doing the same settings as you did. DO you think rrmemory is the best strategy here rather than leastrecent? I have the same idea but still having seconds thoughts.

Anyway, i’ve read a lot on voip-info, no answers…

The strategy you pick should be the one that hands out the callers to the agents in the way that you’d prefer. I work with a similar setup although on a much larger scale and we mostly use rrmemory. But in our case the strategy doesn’t matter much when you don’t have agents that are idle often.