Need some help understanding queue Ring Strategy

Hey everyone,

I need some help understainding the various ring strategies for a queue. I see that there are ringall, leastrecent, fewestcalls, random, rrmemory, linear, wrandom. It gives pretty clear explanations on each.

I do know that I don’t want it to ring all agents, I want it to ring the agent with the least number of calls from the queue. Right now I have fewestcalls on since it says ring the agent with the fewest completed calls from this queue.

My problem is that User A gets in at 8am where user B gets in at 8:30, user C and D get in at 9. We get maybe 1 or 2 calls per day through the queue. The problem is that User A always gets the calls since they’re first to log in. To me, fewestcalls sounds like it should skip him next time since he’s not the one with the fewest calls but it doesn’t seem to do that.

I want it to be fair to all users so maybe round robin is the way to go, but just confused how it would work. I don’t have static agents, users have to log in when they get into the office, log out at lunch etc. Below is what I would like to happen, maybe someone can suggest what I need to do:

Let’s say users log in in the order User A first, then B, then C then D. First call goes to user A. Next call goes to user B. If User C logs out on lunch, then a call comes in, then it goes to user D. When user C comes back from lunch, if a call comes in, it goes to them, then the next call goes to user A.

I hope that makes sense. My problem is that using the traditional call centre method “First person available gets the call” doesn’t work for me since we get maybe 1 call a day so first user always gets the call which is unfair to say user 4 or 5.