Agent Penalties

Running Asterisk 1.2.13
Realtime Queues

I have a question regarding agent penalties and varying ring strategies. My situation: I’ve got 1 queue with 3 agents. Each agent is assigned a penalty, based on which agent I wish to receive the calls first in a roundrobin strategy.


Agent1 Penalty0
Agent2 Penalty1
Agent3 Penalty2

My issue is that if Agent1 does not answer, it does not attempt to roll up to the next available “tier” (in this case Agent2), rather it rings Agent1 infinitely.

Pertinent realtime settings for this queue:

timeout: 25
retry: 0
timeoutrestart:1 (yes)

Any assistance is appreciated

It’s an expected behavior. Always the call goes to the agent with lower priority. Only if he’s unavailable or busy it would go to the agent at higher priority. u can set priorities on agents based on group i.e. say agents 1-3 are at prioity 0, agent 4-6 at priority 1, …



Thank you for your reply. The penalty function works great if the user’s phone status is “BUSY”, however when an agent does not answer (NOANSWER) it continues to ring them, without attempting to roll up to the next available agent at a higher penalty level.

I have heard mention of autologoff functionality, but I do not want to log agents out for not answering, but I also do not want my queue managers taking level 1 calls