Queue() and its subroutine

Colleagues, please tell me the answer to this question

You can associate a subroutine with the dialplan Queue () command. It is written after a whole heap of commas and is called when one of the queue members receives a call.

By default, it is called from the position “s, 1” and without arguments.
And is it possible to transfer these arguments to her?

I read the recommendations to declare arguments as channel variables that need to be given names beginning with two underscores.
And is there no way to file variables in a normal way, in parentheses, after the name of the subroutine? I tried, but I did not succeed …

Is there no way?


What happen if you try Gosub(my-gosub,s, 1 (${EXTEN}))


exten => s, 1 ,Verbose( " this is the argument ${ARG1}" )

same => n,Return()

It looks, on a quick skim of the code, like you can only specify parameters if you specify the subroutine in queues.conf, not if you specify it in the application arguments

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