Queues and membergosub

I am seeing something weird with Asterisk built from source.

I am setting up some queues and want to run a something when the agent picks up the phone. Since macros are deprecated I was looking at the membergosub in the queues.conf file. I have my macro set, and it runs correctly, but then the strange happens.

Here are 3 lines of output:

[Jun 18 16:33:16] – Executing [s@subPS-QueueAnswer:7] Return(“SIP/649EF375E8E7-0000001b”, “1”) in new stack
[Jun 18 16:33:16] – Executing [s@app_queue_gosub_virtual_context:1] NoOp(“SIP/649EF375E8E7-0000001b”, “”) in new stack
[Jun 18 16:33:26] WARNING[14976]: pbx.c:5185 __ast_pbx_run: Timeout, but no rule ‘t’ or ‘e’ in context ‘app_queue_gosub_virtual_context’

The first line is the last line of my sub (the return.) Then the virtual context is kicking in (line 2) for some reason, and since there is nothing there it eventually times out (line 3.) Since it is virtual is has no t or e in it, other than why the virtual is running in the first place, it makes sense to me.

The problem is that during for 10 seconds that it is waiting to time out, there is no audio between the caller and the agent.
When running as a macro all works fine, so I would go back to a macro, except with them going by the wayside eventually I’d prefer to write correctly now than re-write later.

Did this ever get fixed?

If so, in what version of Asterisk?


Alltough the post is an old one :blush:

Today I run into a similar problem and - luckily - found the culprit:

In this installation where I faced the same errornous situation the setting

existed in the General-section of extensions.conf.

After removing (alternatively: setting the option to yes) the error diseppeared.