Queue: option to leave a tel. number after timeout


I would like to give the possibility to the callers to be called back by leaving their tel. numbers when they are kicked out from a queue because of timeout.

That is, after timeout the caller hears an announcement asking him to leave a tel. number, if desired. the caller leaves his tel. number.

After that, when an agent becomes available his phones rings and on the other side the caller’s phone rings as well, putting them in communication.

Has anyone already thought of such an application or can give me some pointers, please?

Thanks in advance,


there isn’t a built-in way of doing this (to my knowledge) but you could do it pretty easily with AGI

basically, you’d have an AGI script that would be called in the priority after your queue - that AGI script would capture the caller’s number if they select the option to be called back. i would dump this into a database or flat file for storage.

i would think you’d need some sort of scheduler running in the background (cron job, perhaps) that will check for available agents (probably via the manager interface). when one becomes available, use the originate command (again, via the manager - or you could use a call file) to call out to the agent/customer.

not the prettiest thing in the world, and there are probably lots of better ways to do it, but that’s what came to mind first for me.

Thanks. I found it in voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … e+Callback, but it doesn’t work for me. I will see what’s wrong and post again.

thanks again,