Callback Queue

I am looking for a solution that allows a caller to

Join a queue
Leave their number
After a short delay extension rings
Extension user picks up and is connected to number left by caller

If anyone can point in the right direction, module, configuration I would be very grateful.



Try to send the user into a queue and then time out the queue using the Queue(,T,30)

after they time out it will send back into the queues then the dialplan you can receive DTMF digits,

Then do a Wait(30)


(This is not the Asterisk Support forum.)

rfine: this is a standard application and is a long way from what you describe. The intent is that the caller only gets charged for a short call, then hangs up, after which the system automatically connects to their intended destination then make an outgoing call to the original caller.

I believe ianplain has provide pointers to such applications before, but I don’t have one to hand.