Callback mechanism with Queue support


Firstly i try explain what I need to implement for client.

When somebody calls callcenter it get’s into queue, but noone like waiting and listening music, sa i want give it posibility to press for example ‘1’ and call back that number when his turn come. And also put in same way call back request. So my queque can look like:

normal_call, hangup_call, normal_call, callback_call, normal_call -> agent

normal_call - someone waiting on the line
hangup_call - someone who called us and dont want wait on line
callback_call - callback request from portal

As you see every call have a place in queue and it doesn’t matter if you are waiting online or request callback from within queue or portal.

I already read: … e+Callback … e-callback

And more but i can’t find good solution. Some kind of solution are callfiles but when a number stands in queue and want callback it loses it’s place and is intend to wait event more.

Some solution can be store queue in a databas with priority, but i don’t know how.

I use Asterisk

I don’t believe that asterisk supports it. Put up a bounty and see what happens.

In theory you can ask them for their number and put it in mysql. Have a meetme room wait in the queue and when the agent joins have the system call them back. In theory it should work but I have never actually tried to set up something up like this.