queue_log processing: best practices?

Hello, all!

We are setting up a contact center and need some data for management. Since we are using Asterisk queues, the place to get them is from queue_log, I believe. So, for avoiding eventual future errors, I would like to know some points about processing this file.

[li]What do you use to do? Parse the file and insert the data on a relational database? Or parse it everytime you need a report? [/li]
[li]Do you use some type of log rotating on it, to avoid it to become too big?[/li][/ul]

Thanks in advance!


Have a look at the stats package from Nicolas Gudino at asternic.biz/

excellent package the free version uses a cronjob to parse the data the paid version uses real-time parsing, the data is stored in mysql so you can use anything to pull the data as you wish

just to update info on commercial Asternic Call Center Stats PRO.

Released the version 2 with REST web service support embedded.

Visit us on asternic.net

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