Call statistics for systems monitor

I’m building a new network monitor for my office that monitors our servers, services and websites. I would also like to also display:

  • Total number of calls today/week/month
  • Total number of internal calls today/week/month
  • Total number of external calls today/week/month
  • Total time of external calls today/week/month

My monitor is built using php & html. Does anyone know how I would grab the data from the asterisk server? I’m guessing I would have a script on the server which gets the data from asterisk some how then on a cron job just sends the file over ssh or somthing so my network monitor can process it.


I assume you are storing your CDR and queue stats in Mysql, if not you need to do that then its just a simple queury on the database


At the simplest level the CDR application used in conjunction with a backend technology such as MySQL can provide this for you please have a look at … RLoLp5e47Q

Once your CDR is hooked into MySQL you can easily tie a front end web ui to this and get your reports.