Newbie here - queue_log

Hi all:

I’ve found myself in a situation where I must change some configurations on an already-running asterisk 1.4 with Elastix.

I’ve been working my way pretty well until now, but I’ve stumbled into a wall. I need to check queue events using some scripts, so I’m looking at queue_log:


The problem is that events are not being logged in real time; while I’m making a phone call to this asterisk, no events are logged, but the file updates each few hours with loads of data from the calls made during the day.

Could anyone tell me where and how could I configure asterisk to log queue events in that file in real time, or at least how to decrease the time between updates?

Thanks in advance!

1,4 is past end of life.

You should use AMI for this application.

what you need is … mysql.html