Asterisk Wallboard displaying queued calls

Iv’e developed a wallboard to use in a call centre that’s simply a webpage that pulls data from MYSQL, the mysql data is bang on thanks to a well-written dialplan (if I do say so myself :smile:)

now “they” want it to also show how many calls are waiting in 1 or more queues, iv’e began an epic journey into learning XML and javascript only to find out that my apache server really needs to be on the same box as the asterisk server in order to parse the information using the HTTP server in asterisk.

I’d really like to be able to put the server on 1 or more boxes that are maybe outside the business/domain that simply ask for the info by authenticating: -
x.x.x.x:8088/asterisk/rawman?act … mypassword

then again asking for the info by going to: -
x.x.x.x:8088/asterisk/mxml?actio … e=my_queue

Then looking for the attribute inside the “generic” element inside the XML (calls=“0”), and storing it in a variable which would let me mess around with it how I’d like (probably just outputting it).
I blame Javascript for not letting me parse anything that’s not come from itself, but i only started web programming properly about 2 weeks ago to fill this need and it seems to be unnecessarily hard.
Has anyone got some code that can do this and save me a lot of trouble? Or even a better way of fetching this data?

Thanking all who post back.


you have a running MySQL connected to asterisk. So why not using realtime queue_log as shown here.

Once the data is stored in MySQL you can use sql-queries to get the queue-data.


Fantastic, i took a break from developing as it was getting to me, but this looks like what i need.