PTT T65 & Aardtoets

Hi folks.

I’ve got an old PTT T65 phone, which works with Asterisk 1.2 and my TDM11b card.

My question is: the little black button on the bottom right of the phone is called the “aardtoets” in Dutch. I have no idea what the English word for it is, and what it does. It would be nice to have it work like the Flash key, if at all possible.

Can someone give me more information about this button?

Seems to me like a “mute” button :smile:

Hoping you had the answer, I tried it out, but it doesn’t mute anything…

Doesn’t it mute the microphone?

As I said, it doesn’t mute anything. Not the microphone, not the speaker. I tested it by calling to someone else, and we could both hear each other just fine, with or without the button pressed.

I figured out what it’s for - it connects the B wire to the ground wire. Can the TDM11b detect this?