TDM400 progress tones

Is there anyone out there who does know how to configure the call progress tones for the TDM400x modules.

What we have on our set up, is an asterisk mechine up and running, with a mixture of SIP phones and good old Anolouge phones. We are using the Diguim TDM400 cards (I think thats the right one I have mentioned, I not so good with remembering the models and numbers) 2 of those installed, one with 4 FXE modules, and the other with 2 FXO modules and 2 FXE Modules.

All works fine, except there are a few finishing touches I would like to do.

For one, change the flash timmings, and the call progress tones. Its all very well that it works with the american standerds, but, the Flash interval is too long (500ms) we need more like 50-100ms, thats flash time that our phones give. And the second thing is the call progress tones. By default they’re american, we would like to use the South African Standerd, I have treid to edit zonedata.h, 1st by adding in a new zone, and then, I tried to change the values of the default american tones scheme this does not work. It seems that when you recompile the zaptel drivers, it ignores the file /usr/src/zaptel/zonedata.h all together.

Where does one alter these settings.

Oh BTW its A@H that we are using, works well for what we need it for.

Any help would be appreciated.