Newbie Needs Some Help!


I recently “inherited” a project at work involving Asterisk. The project is for lab test only at this point. The hardware setup I inherited has 3 Digium cards installed: 2 TDM31B (FXS/FXS/FXS/FXO) and 1 TE405P (Quad T1).

So far I have been able to configure the system to connect any of the FXS channels and also to connect any of the FXS channels to an outside phone line via the FXO channels.

My question involves the T1 channels, is the following configuration possible (and if so, how do I configure it):

  • Connect one of the T1 ports to an external Adtran Channel Bank (TSU 100)
  • Connect one of the FXS channels to an analog phone attached to the Adtran Channel Bank.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!


I am using Adtran TA 750 for just that. Just set up the T1 in zaptel mine is like this


You will also need a cross over cable look here


Thanks for the info!

In your system do you also have FXS/FXO cards? One of the problems I am having is getting the T1 Cards to configure correctly in conjunction with the T1 Digium cards. If you have configured both to run together I would love to see the requred configuration files.