Provisioing Polycom IP 550 with AsterixNow/FreePBX

I found this great, though slightly dated page on provisioning a soundpoint IP 550 with Asterixnow. I even got the commercial Endpoint Manager (which is very nice), and expected this to all just work. I assigned the extension, but the phone continuously reboots.

It loads the bootrom sucessfully, then tries to load polycom.cfg, whih fails, and then loads the .cfg whih succeeds, but is very sparse (basically only saying standalone=yes)

Here’s the tftp created log for the phone boot:
000020.795|app1 |3|00|Event: Multiple Key Combo 1
000020.795|app1 |6|00|Manual Reboot
000022.910|app1 |4|00|Could not load time from (
000024.235|wdog ||00|Watchdog Expired: tApp1
000000.225|so |
|00|---------- Initial log entry ----------
000000.225|so ||00|+++ Note that bootrom log times are in GMT +++
000000.225|copy |
|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 3
000000.225|utilm||00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 4
000000.225|hw |
|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 4
000000.225|ethf ||00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 4
000000.225|dns |
|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 3
000000.225|curl ||00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 3
000000.230|wdog |
|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 4
000000.230|lldp ||00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 3
000000.230|lldp |3|00|LLDP is DISABLED.
000000.230|cdp |
|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 3
000000.230|cdp |3|00|CDP is DISABLED.
000000.230|key ||00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 4
000000.230|so |3|00|Platform: Model=SoundPoint IP 330, Assembly=2345-12200-001 Rev=C Region=
000000.230|so |3|00|Platform: Board=2345-12200-001 1 0
000000.235|so |3|00|Platform: MAC=0004f2219e2e, IP=Resolving, Subnet Mask=Resolving
000000.235|so |3|00|Platform: BootBlock=2.7.0 (12200_001) 06-Oct-06 15:40
000000.235|so |3|00|Application, main: Label=BOOT, Version=Muscovite 30-Jun-11 11:58
000000.235|so |3|00|Application, main: P/N=3150-11069-431
000000.235|app1 |
|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 3
000000.250|cfg ||00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 2
000001.230|so |3|00|Link status is Net up Speed 100 full Duplex, PC up Speed 100 full Duplex.
000009.205|lldp |3|00|LLDP received a response from a switch. LLDP enabled.
000009.205|lldp |
|00|No Native VLAN found
000009.205|lldp ||00|No Auxiliary VLAN found
000009.205|lldp |
|00|LLDP power usage is 4.3 Watts.
000014.705|app1 |3|00|DNS resolver server is '’
000014.705|app1 |3|00|DNS resolver search domain is '
000014.705|app1 |3|00|Bootline: esw(3,0)bootHost:flash e= h= g= u=**** pw=**** f=0x40 tn=CircaIP
000014.710|app1 |3|00|DHCP returned result 0x28F from server
000014.710|app1 |3|00| Phone IP address is
000014.710|app1 |3|00| Subnet mask is
000014.710|app1 |3|00| Gateway address is
000014.710|app1 |3|00| Provisioning server address is tftp://
000014.710|app1 |3|00| DNS server is
000014.710|app1 |3|00| DNS domain is
000015.310|copy |3|00|‘tftp://’ from '’
000015.320|cfg ||00|Prov|Starting to update 2345-12200-001.bootrom.ld
000015.340|cfg |3|00|Image 2345-12200-001.bootrom.ld has not changed
000015.340|copy |3|00|buffered_write: transfer terminated
000015.340|copy |3|00|Download of ‘2345-12200-001.bootrom.ld’ succeeded on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
000016.230|copy |3|00|‘tftp://’ from '’
000016.235|copy |3|00|Download of ‘polycom.cfg’ FAILED on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
000016.235|copy |
|00|Server ‘’ said ‘polycom.cfg’ is not present
000016.235|copy |3|00|Update of ‘/ffs0/init.mac’ failed, leaving local copy intact
000016.245|copy |3|00|‘tftp://’ from '’
000016.250|copy |3|00|Download of ‘0004f2219e2e.cfg’ succeeded on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
000016.290|cfg |5|00|Prov|Could not get application name
000016.300|cfg |4|00|Prov|Provisioning failed
000016.310|app1 |6|00|Error application is not present.
000016.310|app1 |6|00|Uploading boot log, time is WED APR 20 22:56:22 2016

Any hints on getting this setup? The template for polycom that I created is pretty vanilla.

If you paid for the commercial endpoint manager I believe it may come with support, I’d try contacting them.

Otherwise you may find help on the FreePBX forum at

It’s unlikely anyone here knows anything about their provisioning setup as it’s not part of the core of asterisk.