Soundpoint IP450 support with SIP provisioning


I’m interested in adding two phones at a remote office to connect with an asterisk system at our existing network that already consists of two SoundPoint IP450 phones. The asterisk system connects to an Optonline phone line to manage inbound and outbound calls using a Tiger Jet Network Inc. Tiger3XX Modem/ISDN interface.

The remote office is using a single dynamic IP. Is the best way to connect the two new phones at the remote office to use a libreswan VPN and connect as a net-to-net road warrior from a gateway system at the remote network?

I’m considering purchasing two used SoundPoint IP450 phones from here:

This is the PoE version, but I would likely purchase power supplies for each of them.

There’s an option for “SIP Provisioning” at the time of purchase. I believe I used TFTP to provision the phones in the past, but I don’t understand enough about whether I need SIP provisioning specifically as a purchase option.

Hi, no one has any ideas here? Do I need “SIP Provisioning” to set up the phone with asterisk and a tftp server?

I think you need to ask the seller what they mean by SIP Provisioning, It’s not a standard term.

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Im not familiar with provisioning polycom 450, but polycom soundstation 330 and it worked like charm with tftp server, but for my model of hardphone the last version of software was 3.3.5.

I spoke with them and they’ve explained it by saying they’ll do the tftp provisioning to your provider of choice instead of having to do it yourself.

Ah, OK. Then I think you should be good to go either way, using your own TFTP server or paying them to use theirs.