Cannot reach boot server

Hi, I have an asterisk-15.3.0 system on fedora29 connected to a branch office with a VPN.

I have a few SoundPoint IP 450s at the branch office that I’m trying to connect, but they fail with messages relating to unable to contact the boot server.

I have the FTP settings for the FTP server configured properly in the phone. I have DHCP configured on the local network, and the phone succeeds in getting an IP address.

Using tcpdump, I can see it making numerous bootpc requests prior to failing. On the local network, it appears to only make one bootpc request before getting an IP.

What am I missing?

Doesn’t appear to be an Asterisk question.

Is your bootpc server in the same broadcast area as the phones?

I’m not using a bootp server. The boot server type is configured as FTP.

I have a dhcp server on both networks, and the phones are getting their IP addresses. The phones on the main network connect to the FTP server without issue.

I hope you have some further ideas :slight_smile:

Did you configure option 66 on both dhcp servers?

Yes, I’ve essentially migrated the dhcpd config from the local system to the remote system and changed the IP range to suit. I’ve also tested the phones on the local network before bringing them to the remote network.

These phones worked on the local network before bringing them to the remote network.

You should ask support at the soundpoint forum, this is not an asterisk related issue.

Polycom boot ftp has its peculiarities.
Good point is capturing packets (are you analyze with wireshark?).

As using separated DHCP server and ftp server applications could be reason why “one bootpc request before getting an IP “.

So better try to look about ftp issues where could be causing “unable to contact boot server” by analyzing response and request ftp events.

Polycom ftp issues it never points to one and only problem.