Proper place to tell dahdi_dummy module to load

I realize now how much I depend on ATFOT since I’m trying to do things with dahdi and it’s not documented there. I’m trying to get dahdi_dummy working and as long as I manually modprobe dahdi_dummy first, dahdi_cfg works fine, and I’m assuming that when and if I want to do conferencing the timing source will work. Problem is that I don’t see any convenient way to tell the system to load this module before starting the dahdi service so it always fails upon reboot.

The file /etc/dahdi/modules claims that it is the place to list modules to load, but this doesn’t work at all for me (using gentoo, dahdi from the gentoo-voip overlay), /etc/init.d/dahdi doesn’t seem to reference this file. It has 10 modules uncommented in it so I guess I’m glad it’s not working or I’d have 10 useless moduels loaded for me.

/etc/modprobe.d/dahdi says that you can put parameters for modules in it, but I don’t need any stinking parameters, I just want the module to be loaded without any parameters.

Any help appreciated!

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