RESOLVED: dahdi doesn't start on boot

Hello. I have recently switched to dahdi and Asterisk 1.6.0-rc6. I have a TDM410P. Everything seems fine, except that when I reboot the system, dahdi doesn’t start, I have to do it manually with /etc/init.d/dahdi start. Then all is well. On booting, a console message complains about /dev/dahdi/1 not existing, which indeed it doesn’t
pbx:~# ls /dev/dahdi/
channel ctl pseudo timer

until I start dahdi

pbx:~# /etc/init.d/dahdi start
Loading DAHDI hardware modules:
wctdm24xxp: done
Running dahdi_cfg: done.
pbx:~# ls /dev/dahdi/
1 2 3 4 channel ctl pseudo timer

Any ideas?

The module wctdm24xxp should have been loaded in /etc/init.d/dahdi:

if [ $system = debian ]; then
                        echo -n "   ${line}: "
                        if modprobe $line 2> /dev/null; then
                                echo -n "done"
                                echo -n "error"

However, this was failing with the error:

WARNING: Not loading blacklisted module wctdm24xxp

So I had to remove wctdm24xxp from /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi.blacklist. Now it loads correctly on system boot.