Problems with Asterisk 11 Installation

My Asterisk 1.6 server died. I thought this would be a good time to upgrade to a newer version. Maybe that was a bad idea.

I installed CentOS 7
I installed Asterisk 11 (downloaded source and compiled)
I believe this was done correctly.

I copied my configuration files to /etc/asterisk, but none of my phones showed up. I restored the sample .conf files from the Ast 11 instal, and selectively copied my old Extensions, iax, meetme, sip and users .conf files. Still no joy

Sip show users shows all my extensions
Sip show registry shows no phones are registered.
I rebooted one of my phones, but it did not register.

Where should I look next to diagnose why my phones are not registering?

Also, the CLI is different. “restart now” is not in the CLI or in the CLI help. Why?
Did I do something wrong during the install?

The Asterisk 11 documentation does not have a list of valid CLI commands. Why?
I assumed I could find a list of CLI commands. I can use help, but I was hoping to find a list of supposed valid commands so I could determine if I missed a module or something.

Thanks much in advance for your assistance,

I would really suggest working with Asterisk 13 if you can, 11 is nearing the end of receiving security fixes.

Thanks John:
I read that 11 was the most recent stable version, and the newer version have not been formally released yet. But I see from your link I was mistaken.

Once I get the problem with 11 resolved, I will take your suggestions and install 13.

This is the first time I compiled Asterisk from source. So I question if I have made a mistake somewhere. I don’t think so, but then again, my phone are not registering, so there must be a problem somewhere.