Can't register phone on Asterisk

I am using

Asterisk GUI 2.0

I am doing all configuration using AsteriskGUI.

The installation appears to have gone OK and I have successfully registered a trunk with my sip provider.

I have created incoming dialing rules and a dialplan. I have configured a sip phone and added a user/extension in AsteriskGUI to correspond to the phone - but the phone won’t register on Asterisk.

Can anyone suggest:

a) Where I might be going wrong - how do I troubleshoot. Are there any logs I can check?

b) is there any documentation on AsteriskGui? I can’t seem to find any. Especially useful would be a getting started guide. I’ve only managed to find the installation instructions.


With the information provided. I can offer two places to start.

First log into the asterisk CLI with somthing like a “asterisk -r” then do a “sip debug” then try to register your phone. If you see sip packets fly by the is a good start. If you see nothing then check the “firewall” (perhaps iptables?) to see if it is even letting sip traffic through.

When did AsteriskGUI officially start supporting 1.6?

I know it seems like a ton of people are using it not knowing that 1.4.x is way more stable.

Thanks for the suggestions. The solution in case it helps others:

Debug and sip show users/sip show peers showed a mismatch due to a misunderstanding.

I had created a user/extension in Asterisk:

ext 6000
CallerID Name Fred
SIP/IAX Password: secret

On the phone I configured it to register with Fred/secret when it should have been 6000/secret.

I assume from this I should be using 1.4 plus gui 2.0

As a newby I assumed I should just go for the latest releases, which seems to be appropriate for most apps.

So I’m a bit confused! I would be grateful if someone could clarify what I should be doing.

Would I be advised to ditch everything and start again with *1.4 and Gui 2.0 or should I hang on with what I have - which is working fine apart from an incoming calling rule problem (separate post coming up…)