Problems while compiling


I encoumtered problems while compiling Asterisk’s source code. Any help?

What version of Asterisk? What distribution? Any patches applied?

Ok yea should have elaborated
Asterisk 15.5.0 (latest)
Ubuntu 14.04
No patches.

What version of gcc and binutils are installed?
Since this is Asterisk 15, the default is to use the bundled version of pjproject but you’re not overriding that are you?

Just using what is said in the wiki. I override nothing
GCC version 4.8.4
binutils version 2.24

Is that binutils really 2.2.4 or 2.24? Hopefully the latter. :slight_smile:

yea 2.24 :joy: Sorry for the misinformation. Goddamit isn’t mobile SSH’ing hard.

HA! OK, I’m going to try this myself in a ubuntu 14 docker container.
Oh, 2.26 is now current for ubuntu 14 so doing an update might help.

hmmmm before I installed asterisk, I updated the damn sys. Gimme some seconds, I gotta reset

@gjoseph uhm, are you running 14.04? because it only sees 2.24 as the latest :thonk:

Yeah 2.24 is the latest standard package, sorry. 2.26 is available as a separate package but no matter.

I started a docker container with a clean ubuntu 14.04, downloaded and extracted the asterisk 15.5.0 tarball, ran ./contrib/script/install_prereq, ./configure, and make -6. I had no issues.

Did you run install_prereq? Have you been able to compile other versions of asterisk?

Uhm, I just did what the wiki said. I ran the two scripts you mentioned.

Getting off-topic now
Can you guide me on how to get 2.26

was it a clean environment and have you compiled asterisk successfully before?

Installing binutils 2.26 isn’t necessary but you can do it with apt-get install binutils-2.26
I’m not a ubuntu guy though so i don’t know if you can have both the normal binutils package and the binutils-2.26 package installed at the same time.

It was a cleaner environment than a fresh-bought Windows one. I have never compiled Asterisk before, and its kind of frustratiing. I will try in CentOS now and inform you