Error Compiling Asterisk-1.2.0

I have just downloaded asterisk-1.2.0 from some few munites ago. I am runing Fedora Core 3 with kernel 2.6.9-1.667. I have no proplem with zaptel and libpri and sounds as they compile fine with no errors. I try to compile asterisk (with “make” after doing “make clean”) and got the following errors;

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lidn
collect 2: ld returned 1 exit status
Make [1]: *** [] Error 1
Make [1]: leaving directoy /usr/src/asterisk-1.2.0/apps
Make: *** [subdirs] Error 1

before i do this posting, I have just compiled the asterisk-1.0.9 version on the same version and kernel (2.6.9-1.667) of linux and its running right now.

I also gets an error (saying asterisk.h not found) each time i try to compile asterisk-addon which contains cdr_mysql on both 1.0.9 and 1.2.0.

Any one with details of what is happening to me will be appreciated as I quickly need to move to the 1.2.0 version to enjoy all its changes.(3,000)

That’s strange! I’m running FC3 too and i have no problem compiling v1.2. (Well, that’s not totally true - i do have a weird problem, but not this one!) Maybe you need to update your distribution - in particular ‘ld’.

well as u can see, I am having that problem bcos i have quoted the errors from my box, and all i need is solution to move ahead.

are you running the same kernel as mine? if yes, did u do any update before compiling? Please give me details of what u do.


I’m not disputing that you have a problem!

Yes, i’m using the same kernel version. However, i have upgraded all the packages on my system since i installed it, therefore the version of ld etc that i’m using may be different to what you’ve got. For what it’s worth, my version of ld is

GNU ld version 20040927

and the version of gcc i’m using is

gcc (GCC) 3.4.4 20050721 (Red Hat 3.4.4-2)

I don’t know much about ld, so i don’t know what the error message “cannot find -lidn” means. You should try reading the documentation for ld and find out.

(By the way, ld is a linker, in case you were wondering what it is. It links chunks of compiled code together to make a single piece of software.)

Your missing a library. I forget the name, but I had the same problem. Go to and do a search for rpm’s with idn. Download that, install, and try again. :smile:

hi dgarstang, I have gone to the Fedora site, but there is no way to search for idn. can u pls give me details on how to search for it on the site.


I had the same problem - after I have run up2date and updated everything I was able to compile Asterisk. But I have another problem now.

I have upgraded from Asterisk versions 1.0 to 1.07 everytime without any problems until 1.2.

I solved the problem by downloading the library and compiling it

Hope this helps someone…