Problems setting up Queues & Sip with Realtime Architect

I’m trying to make queues and the sip users to be stored in the realtime architecture.

I have a table call queue_table and queue_member_table and sip_conf

In my extconfig.conf:
sipusers => odbc,asterisk,sip_conf
sippeers => odbc,asterisk,sip_conf
extensions => odbc,asterisk, extensions_conf
queues => odbc,asterisk, queue_table
queue_members => odbc,asterisk, queue_member_table

and in queues.conf
realtime_family = queues, queue_members

The realtime extensions are working perfectly. The sipusers/peers/queues are NOT working. No queues are showing up and the sip user I configured in the database does not show up when I perform a “sip show users”

I don’t see what I am doing wrong. I followed the directions of the few tutorials in setting up realtime. show odbc shows i have database connectivity and using the realtime load shows I can read out of these tables. I am using mySQL 5.0.x and I have the MySQL ODBC connector driver 3.51.

Please help me. Let me know any more information I need to provide.

Answering my own question … after further research indicates that command “sip show users” will not show any realtime users. It was suggested that I just use the user as if it was available in my dialplan. I did that and it worked just fine. I was able to register the user using an IP phone and made some calls.

I am suspecting queues may work the same way but I will report back.

Well I discovered that the queues in my realtime table is recognized by all my asterisk server but it doesn’t show with the command “show queues” UNTIL someone joins/leaves/enters the queue on that asterisk server.
That’s not a huge deal in being able to monitor the queues through the console as long as it knows about it when it needs to do something with the queue.

We have multiple asterisk servers running. I’m now more concern with how when an agent signs into the queue, its not being dynamically added into the queue member table. It shows the agent signed into the queue on the asterisk server that processed it and that presents a problem as none of the other asterisk server knows about this agent. I thought it should have written the information into the queue_member table but it did not, it just held it in the server’s memory.