MySQL realtime peers


i’m a little bit confused about my Asterisk setup. I’m a n00b, so not really surprising. Anyway, i’ve set up Asterisk to connect with a server on another physical host. The connection works. My cdr records go into the tables, no problem. I also have a users\peers table. I can acces this table, because if i do “realtime load sippeers name sip-user” from the CLI, i get the correct user returned. But when i do “sip show peers” it shows me only the peers from the sip.conf.

In the extconfig.conf i have this:
sipusers => mysql,asterisk,sip_buddies
sippeers => mysql,asterisk,sip_buddies

i tried to add sip.conf there as well, but that left me without any sip on the CLI.
Anyway, what i want is to update my databases from other apps and have those peers automaticaly added to the sip users in asterisk… I would also like to work with extentions and all the rest i can use from realtime, but i would like to get one step at the time working.

Can anybody give me any tip where to look or what i might have setup wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Well, had a good night of sleep and appear not be such a n00b as i thought i was after all… it appears that you never see those peers from mysql. anyway, i can call the users that reside in mysql.

I’ll just keep digging google and will post my next question after i’ve had a good night of sleep and still unale to figure it out…