Realtime Setting UP Problems

Hello, we are working on Asterisk to integrate MySQL database and Realtime feature . We have some problems on setting up the realtime mechanism:

With ODBC:

* Realtime configured Ok
      o Detecting queues changes from database Ok
            + Detecting Sip users : ->NO 

With MySQL:

We had too many problems with deploying Asterisk on Ubuntu it doesn’t work; with CentOs:

* Setting up Realtime -> ok
      o Connection to database -> ok "realtime mysql status" >> {Connected to Asterisk@, port 3306 with username root for 20 minutes, 22 seconds.}
            + But il doesn't detect the sip users, neither show queues
                  # P.S show queues dont give results on queues inserted on DB , but when we put show queue X, it detect it from the DB and once again it detect it with show queues.! 

Please any one can help ?
Best Regards !

                                                                                                                                                                                   *********************************** * OUR CONFIG************************************ 

DB name : Asterisk
sip table: sip_buddies
extension table: extensions
queues table: queues
sipusers => mysql,Asterisk,sip_buddies
sippeers => mysql,Asterisk,sip_buddies
extensions => mysql,Asterisk,extensions
voicemail => mysql,Asterisk,voicemessages
queues => mysql,Asterisk,queues
queue_members => mysql,Asterisk,queue_members

I am having much the same problems with Asterisk and Realtime queues,sip,members, etc.

What I do know is that the show queues problem you are having is normal operation. You have to do a show queue x in order to get Asterisk to reload from the database, otherwise it won’t show you the status of the queue.

I still have not had any success in getting realtime queue members working either. Nobody answers my post about the proper data to insert into the queue members table that will actually be recognized by Asterisk correctly. I get errors no matter what I put into the table. I had to resort to creating a toggle *88 on my system that runs an AGI script that dynamically adds members to queue. Not the ideal solution, but until somebody actually freaking answers my question in this forum… </end rant>

Anyways, I mention the realtime queue members because from what I understand you can run into an issue of your current queue members becoming unavailable and leaving and queue members being added to the database being ‘invisible’. Asterisk will not load the new queue members until a new call is added to that queue (or maybe any queue). This can result in a caller waiting in the queue even though there are members that could answer the call if only Asterisk knew about them.

The solution is to write a cron job that is called every minute, for each queue that you create, and run a cmd line argument to show the queue. I only have a few queues at the moment, but I intend to write a script to grab all the queues from the database and run the following code for each one:

/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx "queue show "

I am doing that every minute right now for about a dozen different queues.

please check your dialplan(extensions.conf).

you can get more info from here … Extensions