Queues.conf + Realtime


I’ve get a problem with queues and mysql. here’s my cofig files:


[general] realtime_family = queue, queue_member


[settings] queue => mysql,asterisk,queue queue_member => mysql,asterisk,queue_member

In Mysql, 2 tables queue and queue_menbers (like explain on voip-info.org)

On asterisk cli

[code]CLI> show queues
No queues

CLI> realtime load queue name 150000

        Column Name  Column Value
      --------------------  --------------------
                      name  150000
               musiconhold  cip-attente
                   timeout  10
        announce_frequency  0
                     retry  15
                wrapuptime  2
                    maxlen  0
                  strategy  rrmemory
                 joinempty  no
            leavewhenempty  yes

CLI> show queues
No queues

With the result of realtime command, i suppose that my files configuration is OK.

How can i do?


I’m assuming your res_mysql.conf file is setup correctly… and also note that above you listed your queue_members table but have in your config queue_member (missing the s) …

Also you might want to try calling into the queue, because they queues are loaded in real time when a call executes the queue() app… so it wont show any until a call attempts to connect.

The queues won’t show up with “show queues” until atleast 1 call enters the queue. :smile:

My res_mysql.conf is Ok. My realtime config works fine.

When i configure my queues with the queues.conf file (no realtime). Queues works fine…I can add queue member with no error

With Realtime config, if i want to add a menber i’ve get this message

-- Executing Answer("SIP/150681-09f524e8", "") in new stack -- Executing AddQueueMember("SIP/150681-09f524e8", "150000") in new stack Apr 12 16:38:25 WARNING[6251]: app_queue.c:2995 aqm_exec: Unable to add interface to queue '150000': No such queue -- Executing NoOp("SIP/150681-09f524e8", "utilisateur 150681 connecte a queue 150000") in new stack -- Executing Playback("SIP/150681-09f524e8", "agent-loginok") in new stack -- Playing 'agent-loginok' (language 'fr') -- Executing Hangup("SIP/150681-09f524e8", "") in new stack

For angler, i’m not about what you say because if i configure my queues in queues.conf ( no realtime) on on the cli, show queues returns this:

srv-pabx*CLI> show queues 151000 has 0 calls (max unlimited) in 'rrmemory' strategy (0s holdtime), W:0, C:0, A:0, SL:0.0% within 0s No Members No Callers

If i add a menber like this:

-- Executing Answer("SIP/150681-0859fe20", "") in new stack -- Executing NoOp("SIP/150681-0859fe20", "utilisateur 150681 tente une connexion a queue 150000") in new stack -- Executing Macro("SIP/150681-0859fe20", "inqueue|*1000") in new stack -- Executing Answer("SIP/150681-0859fe20", "") in new stack -- Executing AddQueueMember("SIP/150681-0859fe20", "150000") in new stack -- SIP Seeding peer from astdb: '150681' at 150681@ for 3600 -- Executing NoOp("SIP/150681-0859fe20", "utilisateur 150681 connecte a queue 150000") in new stack -- Executing Playback("SIP/150681-0859fe20", "agent-loginok") in new stack -- Playing 'agent-loginok' (language 'fr') -- Executing Hangup("SIP/150681-0859fe20", "") in new stack

show queue 15000 returns this:

srv-pabx*CLI> show queue 150000 150000 has 0 calls (max unlimited) in 'rrmemory' strategy (0s holdtime), W:0, C:0, A:0, SL:0.0% within 0s Members: > SIP/150681 (dynamic) (Not in use) has taken no calls yet No Callers

So I suppose, with Realtime configuration, queues must works in the same conditions

Real time queues will not show ANYTHING until a caller calls the queue. So Yes configure it the way you have it setup, add a member to the queue the way you have already done, and THEN call into the queue… (ie enter a caller into the queue, waiting for an agent to pick up) from this point on it will show the queues…

Real time queues are ONLY updated when a caller calls the queue() app from within your dial plan. Once it calls queue() once if you do the show queues command again it will show your queue and the members checked in.