Problem with GXW4104 firmware


Anyone has setup the following :

  1. GXW4104 with firmware
  2. Asterisk 11.16
  3. PBX Firmware:6.12.65-26 , PBX Service Pack:


Following from all the information on the net, I have managed to get it working with GXW4104 : firmware 1.3.6. (no changes to Asterisk).

I upgraded the firmware on GXW4104 to and Incoming calls fails, outgoing is fine. When I try to call my line, GXW4104 status just show “busy, Connected, idle” and I have no log in Asterisk at all.

Can anyone help out ?


I’ve not seen the Grandstream people participate in the Asterisk community. I believe the best path forward for you would be to contact them directly for Support on the product they deliver.


Hi Malcom,

Just to check, which PSTN gateway will work well with Asterisk ? Perhaps is time to dump out Grandstream.


Use their helpdesk to contact them directly