Asterisk 11 – Gateway Grandstream GXW4008. Call Waiting problem

hello good afternoon everyone,

I need help with a failure that only occurs with GXW4008 equipment. When I call in the second line (call waiting) makes the first call silent for a few seconds. I did the tests with other CISCO LINKSYS SPA8000 equipment, with this I did not have this problem. The second line usually played without leaving my first line changes.


Sounds like a great question to ask Grandstream. If it’s an implementation problem, they can figure it out quicker than someone who doesn’t know how they’ve decided to implement Asterisk. If it’s an Asterisk problem, they’re also in a good position to be able to contribute fixes back to the Asterisk project, since they’re selling products that use Asterisk. Any Grandstream people want to jump in?


Hello Malcolm,
I’m already with an open protocol in support, but has a little more than three months and several tests without success, so I posted here to learn how could circumvent this failure.