Phones Lost Contact With Asterisk

In the process of setting up my first Asterisk + FreePBX system using Grandstream GXP2130 phones I have come to a standstill. I setup a Misc. Application that fires off a script to run a gate opener. I had this working through a speed dial on my GXP2130s.

Then, while trying to configure a couple of Grandstream HT-503s for inbound and outbound traffic I somehow messed up the connection on the phones. I can’t get anything on the phones. No dial tone. No access to the Custom Feature Code that ran the gate opener.

The phones are registered. I can see that in the chan_sip info report.

Can anyone give me any thoughts on which way to head here? I’m really lost.

A firmware upgrade on the phone seems to have fixed the problem.

Grandstream Firmware Page

Updating to the Beta firmware seems to do it. Although I have no idea why the old firmware did work then didn’t.