Problem with Dial() and Music

Hello there,

we have a small problem with our asterisk.
First of all some words about our environment :
We use a Cisco Call Manager 4.2. Asterisk is used
for voicemail only. It worked for some time but it does not
do anymore.
We want to do the following thing :
A customer dials a number (a Hunt group in this case)
If both lines included in this hunt group are busy, the call
is forwarded to the asterisk.
The asterisk answers the call, plays a file and tries to dial
another hunt-group.
While dialing, the music in hold is supposed to be played.
If a line is free, it rings. If not, the procedure is repeated.
It works that far that the file is played.
At the moment where the MoH is to be played while dialling,
we receive a short sound (about half a second) and we get to
the sound file again.

Here are the lines entered in the extensions.conf
What are we doing wrong ?

exten => 9991009,1,answer()
exten => 9991009,2,SetVar(BLINDTRANSFER=yes)
exten => 9991009,3,Playback(myFile,skip)
exten => 9991009,4,Dial(SIP/17003@,10,tTm)
exten => 9991009,5,Goto(9991009,2)

We expect this to play an announcement (Playback),
check if any of the lines is free (Dial) and while doing this,
play MoH (,m) for specified seconds (10)

I hope, you understand what I want to do and what does not work at the moment :smile:



Are you using ztdummy ?

To be honest, I don’t know.
Do I have to ?

Do you have any telephony hardware on your computer ? If not you will need to load ztdummy as a timing source for the MOH.

I’ll have a look at that

ztdummy is running.

I use

[my-context] exten => _.,1,Answer exten => _.,2,Wait(1) exten => _.,3,Background(pls-wait-connect-call)

try it.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for us, as the line I dial is not within my asterisk but on a seperate system (Cisco Callmanager)
That is why I used DIAL(…)
What I need is a DIAL Command that plays a music while dialing.