How to play music when the call is waiting to be answered?

Hello guys. I am running Asteriwsk 13.9.1 under LEDE linux system. I am thinking if it is possible to play music when the call is waiting to be answered.

This is the dialplan for two extension (2001 and 2002) but sadly it does not work. The music “hello-world” has to be finished before the phone rings. Since this dialplan will later be used with my SIP account, that account can divert the unanswered call to my cell phone. If I use “Answer” instead of “Progress” then it cannot be diverted by my SIP provider.

exten => _200[1-2],1,Progress same => n,background(hello-world,noanswer) same => n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},30)

Take a look at the dial command, especially the m option…

Maybe this will get you your wanted result.

Most network operators will not allow ordinary users to send early media, as it would allow them to operate recorded information services without generating revenue for the operator.

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It works like a charm, thanks

btw, I experience issue similar to this post that the “moh reload” seems not working

The solution is “touch /etc/asterisk/musiconhold.conf” under shell before “moh reload”, from this post

Maybe my sip provider is so nice and it works.