Dial with a specific music on hold

Hi all,

I develop IVR with AGI on Asterisk 13.
On a choice of the IVR, I need to generate an outgoing call with the dial command and play a specific music.

So I use :

EXEC Dial SIP/0272xxxxx@appelsortant,20,m

It works but use the default class of the musiconhold.conf.
I’d like choose the file to play in my IVR without modify the musiconhold.conf with something like :

EXEC Dial SIP/0272xxxxx@appelsortant,20,m(file:/home/mysound.wav)

Is there a solution for play a music specifying in the dial command ?

NB : I found this patch issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-23636 but it was not merged yet

Issue 23636 is still unresolved :cry: