Problem with Call log app after update firmware on D50

After update firmware on Digium Phone D50 to version 1.4.1 I do not have Call Log and Forward calls application because i use custom maping of application in idle status of phone. Is there any way to set Call Log application or call forward application to one of soft key or unused line key?!

Thanks in advance!

Are you using an older version of DPMA? The Call Log and the Call Forward applications became configurable (so that you can hide them if you like) beginning with firmware 1.4.1. Using DPMA prior to 2.0 with firmware 1.4.1. will result in those apps being hidden and no options to display them again. DPMA 2.0 should, by default, show them, and will give you options to hide them.

If you’re going the XML route, and you want to turn them on, you’d use something like:

<appconfig id="appscreen">
<application id="contacts"/>
<application id="call_log"/>
<application id="forward_calls"/>